About junk-e-cat


Berlin-based musician junk-E-cat blends acoustic and electronic elements, seamlessly combining a selection of reed instruments with finger drumming, live looping, and horn arrangements. Dark eerie beats blended with deep bass clarinet tones and saxophone harmonies are at the core of the creature’s distinctive sound.

Embracing his curiously constructed Bauta mask as a form of liberation, nobody’s quite certain where he came from. Displaying a variety of colours and moods within his distinctive sound spectrum, his debut EP KREATUR is a culmination of two years of creative investigation and the soundtrack of junk-E-cat’s adventures.


Kreatur is the dark opener, picturing the creature at the edge of an abyss in a distressed urban environment. While Unmatter gives a musical and vocal hint of junk-E-cat’s nature, M.W.A. takes you to the dark techno floors enriched with a palette of percussive textures. Levitation is an uplifting musical ramp leading to Vortex, the grand finale building the reed section up to an epic drop.

Kreatur was released on May 24th, 2019, on the MUTTERKOMPLEX label.

All tracks written and produced by junk-E-cat.
Additional production by Antonio de Spirt.
Mixed by Martin Waschkowitsch for Mesanic Music.
Mastered by Zino Mikorey.


Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, Germany, 2019

East Side Music Days, Berlin, Germany 2019

MELT! Festival, Ferropolis, Germany 2019

Badehaus Berlin, Germany 2018

MELT! Festival, Ferropolis, Germany 2018

Karmakol Festival, Sudan 2017

Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, Germany 2017

Deichbrand Festival, Germany 2017

One Tribe Festival, UK 2017

C/O Pop, Cologne, Germany 2017

Mutek Festival Tokyo, Japan 2016

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Photo Credits:
Urbex: Ruthe Zuntz - Live: Yvonne Hartmann - Truck: Tom Althaus, Yvonne Hartmann



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Management & booking

Antonio Cárdenas at Heartfelt Management